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Author Topic: Mar 26-27 Classes for UF110, FQ201, FQ301 cancellation notice  (Read 798 times)

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Bismillahi Ta'ala,

It was originally scheduled to have no classes on this weekend. However, due to really bad internet connection we had to cancel a weekend worth of classes in recently. I had hoped at that time to keep a class on this weekend (Mar 26-27). But unfortunately due to this misunderstanding I could not change the scheduling. Some students had already arranged alternative activities for this weekend as well.

Moreover, my connection problems are still not on the pleasant side as well. Insha'Allah I am expecting a full-fibre optic connection by coming Thursday. This should clear out any internet problems for coming semesters. Please make dua for this resolution.

In light of above, the classes for this week are cancelled/ or rather resorted to their original scheduling. Hence no class.

We will resume next week ( Apr 2-3 ).

Please excuse any inconvenience.


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