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Author Topic: What is the best edition for Mukhtasar al Qudoori?  (Read 1434 times)


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What is the best edition for Mukhtasar al Qudoori?
« on: April 28, 2015, 08:25:36 PM »

What is the best edition for Mukhtasar al Qudoori?


Quote from: Mufti Husain Saheb

The best edition of Quduri would definitely Shaykh Sa'id Bakdash's edition. He collected the oldest manuscripts of the book from all parts of the world, selected the best copies from these, then edited the book using the commentaries of Quduri for backup.
He printed Quduri with Lubab in 6 volumes, the first being a detailed study on Quduri with its various commentaries, volumes 2-5 being Lubab and volume 6 is Quduri alone.
His edition is very good, though it does contain errors, especially in the first volume ie. His dirasah (study) on Quduri.

Keeping Quduri separate in the 6th volume was a wonderful idea and allows us to benefit from his edition of the text without Lubab, however he didn't include the discussion on the differences between the manuscripts in this volume, that is in volumes 2-5.
His edition of Quduri does contain certain additions to the book that seem to have been added by those later and not by Quduri himself.

So anyone wanting the most correct edition of the book should buy his edition, which would come with Lubab and beneficial footnotes on Lubab.
The price of this edition is very high though and it isn't easily available in most countries.

I would advise scanning his edition of Quduri alone and uploading it, so that others could benefit from it. Just don't tell Sh. Sa'id about it, he lost his cool when I defended those who scan and upload kitabs, as he is bitterly opposed to the practice due to the monetary harm he thinks it causes him.

I will probably meet him again soon and would advise him to print his edition of Quduri alone, so that those who don't want to purchase the entire 6 volume collection wouldn't have to resort to copying it. I just hope he doesn't kick me out of his house!

As for Mawlana Mia's edition, anyone wanting an Indian Hashiyah typed out can get:
- Mawlana Ghulam Mustafa Qasimi's Hashiyah, printed by Qadimah in Karachi and Dar Ibn Kathir in Syria
- Mawlana I'zaz Ali's Hashiyah which has been printed a number of times  by Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah etc
- al-Mu'tasar ad-Daruri printed by Idarat al-Quran of Karachi.

I have advised Mawlana Mia not to continue with the work on Quduri as these available editions fulfill the need.


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