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Author Topic: Relied upon edition of "Majma' al-Anhur Fi Sharhi Multaqa al-Abhur" | pdf  (Read 1867 times)


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Quote from: verdana

I have a digital edition of [COLOR="#0000CD"]Majma' al-Anhur Fi Sharhi Multaqa al-Abhur[/COLOR]
published by Dar Ihya' al-Turath al-Arabiy. But I am not sure how reliable this edition is. Hence the question: does anyone know which edition of [COLOR="#800000"]Multaqa al-Abhur[/COLOR] is the best, most reliable, free of typos & comes preferably with tashkil?

PS. Multaqa al-Abhur is a unique 'encyclopedia' of Hanafi Fiqh containing relied upon (mufta bih masail) articles of Qudri, Mukhtar, Kanz, Wiqaya, Majma and Hidayah. This book was taught in Ottoman Madaris for centuries. It's been perfected by Mehmet Efendi who added even more topics to it from dozens of classical work in his famous Turkish translation called Mevkufat.

Quote from: Mufti Husain Saheb

The old Turkish editions are the relied upon ones, such as the Matba'ah al-A'mirah edition in 2 big volumes printed in 1328 ah.
This was copied by Dar Ihya at-Turath al-Arabi and is still available in the market, however it is hard to find.

Dar Ihya at-Turath al-Arabi then printed a 4 volume edition, however I don't think it is a good one.
Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah also printed an error-riddled 4 volume edition.

A group of scholars from Istanbul started editing this book a few years ago. The first volume was printed in Istanbul in 2004, however their work seems to have stopped, as I have't heard of it thereafter.
Their edition is probably the best edition, however it is missing Haskafi's Sharh in addition to being incomplete.

Quote from: verdana
:jazak: Mufti Saheb for valuable information.

I am glad that my digital copy is two-volume edition by Dar Ihya at-Turath al-Arabi.

Scholars of Ismail Aga (Mahmud Efendi's Jamaat) produced single bind You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login without sharh - a book consisting of just 516 pages. Usually they vocalize their Arabic books for full tashkil just like they did it for Sarf and Nahw collections. As for the one printed in 2004 Istanbul, yesterday I found You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login where it looks like they have completed the work in two volumes, but it is already out of stocks. I am not sure if it is the same book you mentioned and I never heard of this publisher: el-Mektebetü'l-Hanefiyye by whom the book was published. Fascinatingly, Mehmet Celik [a Mufti - an expert in fiqh whose fatwas are to be sought and considered to be reliable as per Mahmud Efendi's recommendation] has translated into Turkish complete edition of You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login entitled Damad Tercümesi in 5 volumes, though the last volume has not been released yet.

Quote from: Mufti Husain Saheb

The edition you found mention of printed by Maktabah al-Hanafiyyah is a copy of the old 2 volume edition.
This bookstore is in Charshamma, just as you step out of Ismail Aga Jami. They print just a few books, mainly copies of old editions.

The one I am referring to contains no info about the publisher. The publisher given on the cover is كتاش
This edition will be in at least 4 volumes.
The title page says:
حققه وخرج أحاديثه وضبطه وعلق عليه:
محمد طالو
علي رضا أوندر
كنعان بالا
مراد دمير
اسماعيل هنرلجه
يوسف كولر
عمر فاروق قربان

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