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Author Topic: Mufti Husain Saheb's advice on hawashi for certain darsi kutub.  (Read 2351 times)


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Quote from: KeepTheGazeDown;369970

I would  like a list of commentaries (in arabic) of the following kitabs (manuscript or in print):

1) Nur-ul-idah
2) Qudoori
3) Sharh-ul-wiqaya
4) Kanz-ad-Daqaiq
5) Hidaya

Jazaka-Allah Khair


Quote from: Mufti Husain Saheb

1) Nur-ul-idah
- Imdad al-Fattah- the Syrian edition, not the Dar Ihya at-Turath one.
- Maraqi al-Falah- Syrian edition as well, not the Ilmiyyah one.
- Hashiyat at-Tahtawi ala al-Maraqi- No top editions, the Syrian one is probably better than the ilmiyyah one, while the old Egyptian edition isn't very user friendly. I am getting copies of all 3 in 2-3 weeks inshallah.

2- Quduri
- Jawharah- The old Egyptian edition from Maktabah Khayriyyah, copied in Pakistan is the best edition, better than the Turkish one with Lubab in the margin and better than the Ilmiyyah edition.
- Khulasah ad-Dalail- Old Qazan (Russian edition) better than the recent Maktabah ar-Rushd edition. First is hard to get, I used to sell copies of it, while the second is availble in Saudia etc
- Lubab- The Syrian edition by Sh. Bashar Bakri Arrabi is better than all other editions. Sh. Sa'id bakdash is working on a muhaqqaq edition, however it might take some time to be released.
- At-Tashih wa at-Tarjih of Allamah Qasim- The Ilmiyyah edition is better than the Rayyan one. Easily available
- Ash-Shihab- A contemporary Egyptian commentary, not very easily available

- Hashiyah of Ml. Ghulam Mustapha- Best Hashiyah, availble from Dar ibn Kathir in Syria and Qadimi in Karachi
- Hashiyah of ml. I'zaz Ali- Widely available, not too beneficial
- al-Hall adh-Dharuri- Too detailed, easily available
- Al-Mu'tasar adh-Dharuri- Too detailed, easily available
- Turkish Hawashi- Available in most turkish bookstores, don't seem to be very of much benefit.

3- Sharh al-Wiqayah

Other than Ml. Abd al-Hayy's Umdat ar-Ri'ayah and a few shuruh printed ages ago and very hard to get hold of, nothing else is available in print.

4) Kanz-ad-Daqaiq
- Tabyin al-Haqaiq - Old Bulaq edition, available in Pakistan from Imdadiyyah in Multan
- Bahr ar-Raiq- Old Bulaq edition, available from H.M.Saeed in Karachi
- Mulla Miskin with the Fath Allah al-Mu'in on it- very rare, can be downloaded
- Ramz al-Haqaiq of al-Ayni- Old Bulaq edition is rare, new edition available from Maktabah al-Quran in Karachi
- Kashf al-Haqaiq of al-Afghani- very rare now
- al-Nahr al-Faiq- Ilmiyyah
- Mustakhlas al-Haqaiq- Rashidiyyah in Kweta sell an incomplete edition, while the complete one is ultra rare
- Kanz al-Bayan- Ilmiyyah edition available, old Egyptian edition is rare

5) Hidaya
- Fath al-Qadir, with Inayah and Kifayah is available in multiple prints. Discussed on another thread.
- Binayah- the Multan edition, DON"T ever buy the Fikr or Ilmiyyah ones, they have over 30000 errors in them!

This is what is in print and comes to mind now.
As for manuscript ones, they number in the hundreds. Not difficult to get hold of, but costly.

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Re: Mufti Husain Saheb's advice on hawashi for certain darsi kutub.
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Also from Mufti Husain:

Quote (selected)
There are 4 original editions of Fath al-Qadir.

1- An old handwritten Indian one, which is very rare these days and on which it seems all the remaining prints where based.

2-The best is the Bulaq one in 8 volumes, copied by Dar as-Sadir and recently by Alam al-Kutub in Saudi. They corrected a number of errors found in the previous print, and included with it al-Inayah of al-Babarti as well as al-Hawashi as-Sa'diyyah on al-Inayah. It also matches the special indexes prepared by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf.

3-The 9 volume Maymaniyyah edition is also very good, which has the benefit of having al-Kifayah printed with it, in addition to al-Inayah and al-Hawashi as-Sa'diyyah. This has been copied by Ihya at-Turath al-Arabi and is widely available. This is the most common print of the book, with most references being given to this print. I saw a list of Hanafi works and their prints posed on this forum some time back, which mistakenly referred to this print as the Bulaq edition, when this isn't so. The one above is the Bulaq one, while this is the Maymaniyyah edition.

4- The last one is the Babi al-Halabi edition, without Kifayah as well,which has been copied by Dar al-Fikr. This one stands out from the two above in that the different shuruh are one below the other and not in the margin.

There exists another recent edition, with the takhrij of Abd ar-Razzaq al-Mahdi, printed by the infamous Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah. They just typed out the Babi al-Halabi edition, then added on hundreds of typo's completely free of charge and then got the "muhaqqiq" to make takhrij of some of the narrations. They have also mixed up the different shuruh at times, placing al-Inayah where Fath al-Qadir should be, thereby thoroughly confusing the reader. Don't make the mistake of purchasing this edition.

The Maymaniyyah edition would probably be the best buy.

The book is undergoing a detailed tahqiq in Palestine, however it might take a few years to be completed and printed.
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Re: Mufti Husain Saheb's advice on hawashi for certain darsi kutub.
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From Mufti Husain:

Quote (selected)
The concise commentaries of Kanz are:

1- Ramz al-Haqaiq of al-Ayni. The original Egyptian editions are hard to find. It was copied by Idarah al-Quran years ago and you might still find a few copies in Karachi bookstores. Idarah al-Quran reprinted it a few years ago, in Beirut, however while it might be a good-looking copy, I am sure it would be error-riddled like the rest of their own prints.Phone Abbasi Kutub Khana in Juna Market 2526456 and ask them if they have a copy of the old edition of the book. If you cannot get it, then purchase the new edition.

2- Kashf al-Haqaiq of al-Afghani, in two volumes. Idarah al-Quran copied it. Should be available in Karachi.

3- Mulla Miskin - in one volume, very rare. If you cannot find it, look for the 3 volume Hashiyah on it, titled Fath Allah al-Mu'in, which was copied by Idarah al-Quran or HM Saeed years ago but is now out of print. The hashiyah might be a little too detailed for normal use. It can be downloaded from here

4- Kanz al-Bayan of al-Ta'i - one volume. You could still find the old Egyptian print of it in bookstores there, otherwise you will have to settle for Ilmiyyah's re-typed edition.

The other commentaries of Kanz, such as Nahr, Bahr, Tabyin etc are too detailed and not suited for use by students. They are more for use in Ifta.

You should note that the commentaries listed above aren't suited for fatwa, as they are very mukhtasar, leaving out all the details that are required for fatwa.
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