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Author Topic: How do we derieve full benefit without bayah  (Read 1097 times)


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Re: How do we derieve full benefit without bayah
« Reply #15 on: February 11, 2018, 05:28:49 PM »
(1) You can access nearly every talk of almost any shaikh in the world via internet. These days a shaikh gives a talk in India and it is uploaded on youtube within 24 hours. They all say the same thing but in different words.

(2) Read abundant durood e shareef daily.

(3) For fatwa there are many online darul ifta you can ask QA to, this site might even have online QA with a mufti. All you need is 1 mufti you dont need every opinion ever from every mufti in the world.


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Re: How do we derieve full benefit without bayah
« Reply #16 on: February 11, 2018, 08:09:06 PM »
I think it would be good to know the purpose of bayah: it is for mental focus clarity stability attention. The idea behind bayah is that if a mureed gives bayt to 1 shaikh then he will take all his lessons and do all of his QA from that 1 shaikh and this will prevent his mind from wandering to different ideas and methods thus giving him mental clarity focus attention mental stability. The 2nd reason for bayah is to fulfill a sunnah, various Sahaba ra gave bayah to the Holy Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam for various things like one sahabi pledged that he will always be a well-wisher to Muslims etc.

Bayah is for focus clarity calmness attention stable mental state - which is the mental environment needed for tasawwuf. (This is also among the goals why mashaikh have said to limit ones speech and to limit the mixing one does with other people, the more a person speaks the more one mixes with others the more the mind gets clouded and busy in different ideas.)

Any shaghal (spiritual exercise) in tasawwuf, any azkar (litany) of a silsilah requires a certain degree of mental calmness stability focus attention clarity etc. Without a calm mind one cannot go far in this area. Ask any of the old real people in tasawwuf and they will tell you this.

This is why tasawwuf has always been done usually in isolated private places i.e. the khanqah. And the khanqah had very strict rules about mixing with khanqah attendees and talking, no mixing no talking except necessary. The khanqah usually had private rooms within the khanqah for attendees. That is the ideal situation. You cant do ideal tasawwuf in the middle of the bazaar, with people reading newspapers and on phones and such.

What we have of tasawwuf today is for the most part an idea of how and what it is really done, the ideal place where tasawwuf can be learned experienced practiced is something else which is quite foreign to us still.

This is why I humbly say salaat wa salaam should be stressed even more in a situation like this. There are way to many distractions in our lives, we cannot go off to an isloated khanqah for months at a time to get the real ideal tasawwuf practices. You have to be off for months at a time where all your only focus is the a'maal in the khanqah, you cant be worrying about other stuff at all. You have to completely give up the world and go there dedicated to the khanqah for 4-5-6 months at a time to really grasp the practices. This is not possible in todays age illa mashaAllah.

People who want to be doctors go to medical school, there is a certain environment kept there and certain practices are done, teaching and learning theory and then lab and then clinical work. The students are surrounded by others in the same goal and they are always talking and doing the same similar things, usually living in the same area, and this goes on for a few years and thats how doctors are made. Ideal tasawwuf requires the same thing as well. How can we achieve ideal results without the ideal environment?

bint e aisha

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Re: How do we derieve full benefit without bayah
« Reply #17 on: February 19, 2018, 09:52:24 AM »
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Taken from Zaad us Saeed of Hakeem ul Ummah Moulana Thanvi ra:

SubhanAllah never read this before! For people like me its an easy way to attain tazkiyah. JazakAllah for sharing.


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