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Author Topic: ilmHub Ijaza Classes - Fee Schedule 2016–2017  (Read 1522 times)

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ilmHub Ijaza Classes - Fee Schedule 2016–2017
« on: September 18, 2016, 01:33:14 PM »
Bismillahi Ta'ala

Kindly take note of the fee structure for live classes per month.

The fee schedule has been modified as below. Please see the schedule below:

Reader (with ijaza)
Per month:  CAD$ 75

Starting September 2016, the Observer Category seats are no longer free.
Please review the fee schedule below.

Observer (without ijaza)
Per Month:  CAD$ 50

The ideal date of submission for the fee is between 5th–10th of the month.

General points
  • The fee remains same even if the currency rates change.
  • You should pay equiveillance of ustadh's local currency (i.e. Canadian Dollar)
  • If in any month there are some days off, choose to be on safe side and pay the full fee for the month.
  • Regardless of your ability to pay, do not miss out on classes. Speak to the ustadh.

Jazak Allah
ilmHub Team
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